Passing Php Variables To A Javascript Function - Modern Javascript When the user clicks the button, the contact_id value is passed to javascript and is used for data in an ajax call. This is all working as expected  Strategies for dealing with multiple Ajax calls 3 Apr 2015 getJSON("service.cfc?method=getData",{id:thisId}, function(res) What happens in the user clicks both buttons at nearly the same time? One strategy is to disable all the buttons that call this particular Ajax request until the  JS/AJAX and calling php functions — Vtiger

So what I want to have is a link that acts as a button, and once you click it, edit-homepage.php?id=1 (this is what i had initially), I want to of $.ajax $.post('edit-homepage.php', {id: id}, function(response) The PHP code above should go in a separate PHP file, which you can then call with the $.post.

jQuery - Ajax - Tutorialspoint It could be a CGI, ASP, JSP, or PHP script which generates data dynamically or out of a database. callback − A callback function invoked after the response data has been Here load() initiates an Ajax request to the specified URL /jquery/result.html file. When you click the given button, then result.html file gets loaded. Submitting Forms and Ajax 28 Aug 2016 Here go all elements of the form, such as ,